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Home Infrastructure

New India school, Bhukum is a rapidly growing institute which strongly focuses on the very necessary early childhood education and professional development of a child, parent as well as organizations with a positive and strong influence on the basics of schooling and learning insights.

We believe learning is an ongoing process and up scaling knowledge in the field of early education is every educator’s first duty.

Excellence is what every parent looks for in his or her child. We hence strive to achieve excellence in everything we do here at New India School. Be it learning, playing, skill and knowledge development or even tutoring, excellence in each of these is what we chiefly focus on.

We understand that there is more than one method of teaching a concept. So we are always available to receive and work on your feedback and will continue to support your ideas and executing it in our curriculum.

Educational programme of NIS helps students to become flexible thinkers who are able to question existing thinking, adapt and creatively meet the demands of the future. NIS is affiliated to the SSC board Maharashtra, through which we introduce the students to the changing world along with the knowledge of our rich cultural heritage.

A vast expanse of over one acre provides a perfect ambience for an aesthetically chartered school building. The open area around the school is marked with a colourful bonanza of fresh floral bounty.

An awe inspiring infrastructure comprising of more than 15 rooms in the first two floors. All rooms are well ventilated with lot of light. State of art laboratory, library, ground, well equipped sports room add up to make the school a perfect place to equip and shape the future of the children.

A well planned school building with pleasing architectural features. The rooms of the building are spacious and well ventilated with all facilities. The architectural design of the building allows free movement in and out of the class room for students and teachers.


As we all know, classroom environment is a second teacher for any student. A large amount of child’s time is spent sitting in the classroom. This place is where they will learn the various skills deemed necessary and proper for them to achieve success in the global society. A student’s learning experience is impacted by the classrooms’ design around them. Basic things such as classroom lighting, the colour of the room ,the air quality ,the layout and quality of the furniture all affect the student’s learning. Students need an environment that is comfortable and adaptable for their changing needs. Spacious and well ventilated classrooms in our school have a pleasant look. These adequate number of classrooms, each of approx 550 sq ft with lightly painted walls are the backbone of our physical infrastructure.



Well equipped resource library with electronic documentation, collection of informative and entertaining books which is really a bank of knowledge and also which is airy, spacious, gives the students the required motivation to read.


School Playground

The school playground is one of the most important places in our young students’ lives. When kids have the opportunity to go out and get some fresh air, they are also developing important life skills along the way. We have 6700 sq m ground with swing, seesaw etc.


Computer Lab

We provide a well furnished computer lab with an array of instruments for the child to experiment and learn more things about modern technologies.


Outdoor Play Area

Outdoor play also enables children to enjoy the natural environment. This special organized and planned area marks it own significance. Swing, slides, jungle gyms, trampolines allow the young ones to both free play and organized play in all the different areas.

This free play area allows children to learn meaningfully while they play.


Indoor Playroom

Playing is an essential part of growing up, children need to play to develop emotional maturity and social, intellectual and physical competencies and life skills. Here we have a beautiful indoor playroom for our little champs to explore through their senses and playing and having fun in a safe and secure environment.


Music Room

Our school has a well lit, ventilated and spacious room for performing arts like dance, tabla and music.