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Awards - Primary (Std I - IV)

Art Appriciation -Highschool

Awards - Highschool

Class Poetry - (Std I-IV)

Awards - Primary (Std V-VII)

Cyber Safety - Primary (STD V-VII)

Cyber Safety Highschool

Entrepreneurship Day - Apr 2018 - Highschool

Gurupournima - Primary (Std I-IV)

Gurupournima - Highschool

iEarn Programme - USA

Investiture - Highschool

Investiture Ceremony (Std V - VII)

Mehendi Competition (Std V - VII)

Pre - Primary


Chopping potatoes

Rolling ‘Puris’


On the eve of 15th August our Independence Day, the children saluted the Tri –colour flag and sang the National Anthem , patriotic songs with great enthusiasm and fervour. The teachers spoke to the children about our great leaders who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

Mehendi Celebration

Nagpanchami was celebrated by drawing ‘Mehendi’ on the children’s palm. We also shared information about the significance of this festival and the fact that ‘Snakes are friends of farmers.


On the occasion of Raksha-Bandhan, the KG. children eagerly awaited the ‘Tais- Dadas’ of the Primary & High School, excited to spend time with them. They were delighted to tie ‘rakhis’, exchange gifts & cards made specially for ‘Tais & Dadas’ and happily shared their tiffins as well. The air was filled with innocent chats, giggles and laughter !!


SARASWATI POOJAN AND ‘BHONDLA’ celebration on the eve of Dassera. Children enjoyed singing the traditional 'Bhondla’ songs & were served a surprise ‘Khirapat’.


Teachers told children stories about the innocent mischiefs, the valour, bravery & kind deeds of Krishna.


K.G. resounded with the joyous singing of the ‘Aartis’ & chants of ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya, Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar Ya....!’


The Festival Of lights was celebrated by making paper lanterns, floating lamps, Diwali greeting cards & drawing ‘Rangoli’ to decorate the classes. Teachers spoke to the children about celebrating this festival without noise & pollution.


To create an awareness about following the road safety & traffic rules, Sr.K.G. children were introduced to several traffic signs/symbols that they see on the roads. We extensively spoke to the children about these traffic rules & the importance of following them for our own & others well being. We requested the parents to join us in our efforts, and they did so very enthusiastically by making charts/models with the help of children to highlight the TRAFFIC/ROAD SAFETY RULES.


The world around us is full of shapes & learning to identify & categorise shapes is a wonderful experience for the young learners. We thus planned a fun activity for our Jr.K.G. children. They went for a SHAPE WALK along with their parents and looked for various shapes in their homes or neighbourhood e.g. the windows are rectangle, the plates are circles...

They kept a record of the shapes that they saw during the SHAPE WALK and presented it very creatively in the form of booklets/charts.

RC 2 children decorated various SHAPES in school and these too were displayed on that day.

Parents were invited to see an exhibit of these projects made by Jr. & Sr. K.G. on Saturday,13th October.

The PSI – Traffic of Kothrud Police Station, Mrs. Pratibha Joshi also visited this exhibition. She was full of praise for the innovative method in which the Traffic Safety awareness programme was conducted in the Pre-Primary.

Visit by Taiwan Students and Teachers to New India School

Yoga Day (Std V-VII)

Yoga Day (Std VIII - X)

Grandparents Day of Pre-primary Section

Art Carnival Photos of Primary (V-VII) Section

1st day of RC1 (2017-18)

Gokulashtami Celebration - KG Students

Tai Dada Divas Celebration - KG Students

High School Exhibition : 17-08-2017

Std X Farewell

10th std. : Felicitaion Ceremony 30-6-2017

Gurupournima Celbration by Students from Std V - VII

Highschool - Std VIII - X Yoga Day

Highschool Std VIII_X : School Elections

Highschool Std VIII-X : Awards Winners

Highschool Students Std VIII - X : Assembly to welcome NSLI Students

Primary Std V - VII Awards

Primary Std 1st Orientation

Primary Std I - IV : School Election

Primary Student Std V - VII : Investiture

Scholarship Holder Std V (2016-17)

Scholarship Holders Std VIII

Our High School Principal, Mrs. Poorna Vidwans, won a national level award in the competition, ‘Best Practices to Upgrade the Quality of Secondary Education’, organised by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education , on the occasion of its Golden Jubilee, in association with the Council of Boards, New Delhi. The award ceremony was at YASHADA, Pune, on 5 th Nov. 2015, wherein she received the prize from the State Education Minister, Mr. Vinod Tawade.

High School Science Exhibition 2015-16

Science Quest : A Voyage of Discovery

A science exhibition was organized in New India School on 4 th July 2015 . It was announced in April 2015, so that students could prepare the projects and models during the summer vacation.

When the school reopened in June 2015, the projects were examined and approved by the science teachers.

All the projects were divided into 5 categories viz Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environment and technology.

Teachers were appointed as incharge for each category. They guided the students in completing and improvising their projects and also in making the charts.

The school working was rescheduled . Post – lunch time was devoted for exhibition preparations. Most of the work was completed in this time.

Only volunteer students were called on 2 nd July to arrange the exhibition in the alloted class rooms. The exhibition was open only for the students on 3rd July. The students took turns for demonstrating their projects. The rest of the time was utilized to see the other projects. It was a rehersal for the ‘D-day’. It was followed by a unique exercise. The students were asked to answer an objective question paper based on the exhibition . The winner were declared on the same day.

On the exhibition day , the visitors were welcomed with the sight of a globe creativity depicting the spread of science all over the world and also a big collage made with picture photographs of scientists and bearing an appropriate caption ‘We Owe Our Today To Them’.

Another board was displayed the theme of the exhibition – Science Quest : A Voyage of Discovery.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Hon’ble Mr. Shashikant Sutar, fondly called as Bhau, the school founder, in a very innovative way, using a Physics model made by a Std X student. The school choir group recited Sanskrit shlokas on the importance of science PTA members were invited to attend the inaugural ceremony.

PTA members, along with the school parents and NYSLI students visited and appreciated the exhibition.

The enthusiastic atmosphere was a culmination of everyone’s efforts and meticulous preparations. All the participants and visitors learned a great deal about science and its close relation with our lives.

Innovative Indradhanush

Inter-School Competitions organized by Sanskriti School, Pune

Compose a Jingle Competition : 1st prize

  • Swarali Gowilkar of Std.X,
  • Aditya Sadavarte of Std.IX,
  • Ahan Palsole of Std.IX
  • Gaurav Kolhatkar of Std.IX

English Elocution - 2nd prize - Rohan Shetty of Std.X

Heritage Quiz – Runners up - Soham Shanbag of Std.VIII and Madhumita Phadke of Std. IX