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Mrs. Poorna Vidwans
Principal, New India High School
has taught in, and headed some schools in the northern part of India, before teaching Science and English at the Sinhagad Institute's Springdale School. She did her B.Ed. from the Bombay University, brings knowledge, discipline and friendship to our older students of Std. VIII. IX and X. She is a friend and a guide for them, almost on the way to be their philosopher too.

Mrs. Devaki Sutar
Principal, New India Primary School
has worked for seven years in New India School. She did her, D.Ed From Pune University

Mrs. Sonali Diwakar
Principal, New India Pre-Primary School
has worked for over ten years in Abhinava English Medium Pre-Primary School and has had excellent training in Early Childhood Education. She has not only deep insights into children's education and psychology, but has great regard for the parents and a special gift for teaching young children excellent English. Our kindergarten and the children are safe and secure with her. Children love her, probably as much as she loves them.