Raja Shree Shivraya Pratishthan's NEW INDIA SCHOOL Affilated to S.S.C.Board, Pune

our simple three word philosophy is LEARNING THROUGH LOVE

Rules & Regulations

Objectives, Prospectus & Rules

New India School - English Medium (I - X), under the auspices of Raja Shri Shivraya Pratishthan, Pune - 411038 is a permanently un-aided private school recognized by the Dept. of Education, Government of Maharashtra, affiliated to the Secondary School Certificate Examination Board (S.S.C.E.) [Registration No. 1702/242/2002 MS-I]

The objective of the school is to provide student-centered, relevant, modern Indian education that will sustain the student not only in the school and higher education but throughout their lives. Therefore the education here will be apolitical, non-commercial and secular, and the students, hopefully, would care for better values such as national integration, patriotism, cultured behaviour, humane attitude, empathy, compassion, peaceful co-existence, truth and non-violence.

All this would not happen without formation of certain rules leading all of us towards decent, disciplined behaviour. Outer discipline does encourage human beings to look within for answers, and leads them gradually towards human beings to look within for answers, and leads them gradually towards inner discipline. We are sure you agree with this. Let us all co-operate, the teachers and the parents together to gently lead our children, our hope, towards enlightenment.

The understanding and love amongst students, teachers and parents are the only ways to earn our youngsters trust. This school will try its best to be worthy of this faith.

The student must reach the school between 7.45 and 7.55 a.m. Students coming late are liable to be sent home unless in case of an emergency. (Parents should leave the children at the gate and not accompany them to their classes) The students should be regular with all their submissions.(Projects, Essays, Home work etc.)

All student must attend the school punctually and regularly. They must not stay home with small excuses. Sickness, of course is an exception. An entry in the calendar for on day's absence due to illness in sufficient. In case of longer sickness, the parents must send a letter to the Principal, and a doctor's certificate.

The students must come back in good time after any vacation or holiday to attend the school on very first day of its opening. The students must bring books and notebooks according to the time table given. They must bring the calendar and a dictionary every day. Notes/Home work sent from the school should be signed daily by the parents.

The students must not use wristwatches at any time, and must not bring imported and/or fancy compass-boxes, video games, pencil radios, mobiles or toys to the school. They must bring plain compass-box, pen or pencils, )costing not more than Rs.10) an eraser, ruler and a sharpner. Students from Std. VIII onwards could use wrist-watches.

The birthdays will be celebrated only with the Greetings from the classmates. The students are NOT allowed to bring gifts of any kind for classmates, teachers or other staff at any time. It the birthday person and the parents wish to celebrate, they can send a new or an old book for the school library. Children of class I to IV may wear a festive dress for the birthday celebration on the month-end, but not the students from class V onwards.

All students must wear clean and pressed uniforms with blue canvas (white laced) shoes with white socks to the school every day and for all school programmes and picnics. They may wear black rubber shoes, only in rains. All students MUST always wear the full uniform while visiting the school ANY TIME, except if requested otherwise.

Boys' hair must be clean, neat and short. (NDA style). Girls must keep simple hair with black hair-band and black ribbons if needed.

Both boys and girls must have well-clipped, short and clean nails without any nail-paints etc. Long earrings, huge ear tops, lipstick, coloured hair-pins, bracelets, necklaces, charms or various threads and bangles and any jewelry are NOT allowed. Artificial tattoos are forbidden too.

Mehendi, (only at particular times) Kunku or couple of bangles, being part of Indian ethos, may be used, but without over indulgence. New India School students must not participate in hideous shows like 'Boogie Woogie', 'Dum Duma Dum' etc. and no students upto S.S.C. will be allowed to participate in any political or vandalizing rallies. Parents MUST NOT invite their child's classmates to a restaurant or hotel, to celebrate their child's birthday.

The parents must not use the children's calendar to write notes to the school except in case of one-line entry for a day-long sickness. They must use separate paper for any correspondence with the school.

Any certificates, endorsements, verification or refund of Caution Money from the school should be asked for, with a minimum of three days in advance. After receiving this calendar, the parents must sign the child's homework every day, in the space provided with a black or blue pen or ball-pen. (A pencil must not be used, nor a red or green pen.)

Whenever required, the school will make special arrangements for parents and teachers to meet each other to help our students learn, and progress in a smooth and enjoyable manner. Parents must not disturb the teachers in their classrooms at any time for discussions.

The parents must not send the children to extra coaching or tuition classes. In case they feel compelled to, they must discuss the need with the Principal. (In any case, none of our school teachers will indulge in tuitions for our own students.)

Once the fees are paid, the school does not charge for the picnics, field-trips, annual social gathering, special programmes etc. Only exceptions would be (a) the price of the dress or costume hire charges and snacks a the time of annual social gathering: (b) photograph of the child if parents wish to buy it, (c) a sport T-shirt in case, of school representing inter-school events, or (d) voluntary help in case of natural or national calamities such as floods, quakes, droughts or a war.

Library Rules

  • Library books are issued to the students on the day allotted for each class. The books must be returned within ten days and could be re-issued if required.
  • The student is requested to examine the book and report any damage that she/he may notice. Otherwise she/he will be responsible for the damage.
  • If the damage is noticed by the Librarian, on the return of a book, the student returning it will be charged for the damage. Books lost by any student must be replaced or their full current cost should be paid for.