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Deputy Director

Mrs. Madhuri Harwalkar
Deputy Director
Today’s students will be living in world different form the one they now occupy and schools should enable them to deal with that world. Schools have a vital role to play in preparing our young people to take their place as informed, engaged and empowered citizens who will be pivotal in shaping the future of our communities, our province, our country and our global environment.

From my perspective, we can best prepare the students for the future by enabling them to deal effectively with the present. This is where we are focusing in New india School. A Science teacher to the core with a vast experience of 26 years in this field as Teacher , Co-ordinator , Principal and now as the Deputy Director of New india School .Throughout my career in education, I had the opportunity to serve in various roles mentioned earlier .My experience has awarded me with tremendous opportunities to establish relationships with school based staff and students, parents community partners. I hope that I can further these relationships with you and your family and /or organization. After all,” It takes a village to raise a child”